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Lyric Book 150 DKR

The lyric book for the music album "The Red Balloon" has 40 pages with pictures, lyrics, drawings, stories and chords that compliment the feeling and the stories of the songs. 

The book is printed in high quality on uncoated paper at GLS Pureprint and is Cradle-to-cradle certified. This means that they have used sustainably produced paper and ink. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy.  :)

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Music Album "The Red Balloon" 50 DKR

Music download link for the 12 songs on the album "The Red Balloon" will be sent in MP3 + WAV. WAV format is higher quality and larger files than MP3 and will bring out the nuances of the music, instruments and voice better. 

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Lyric Book + WAV/MP3 Music Download  175 DKR

The Lyric Book + a Music Download with high quality audio files (WAV files). If you wish to receive the physical CD as well - please specify this, and I will burn one for you for an extra 25kr. 

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Donation and support 

If you have a wish to donate or otherwise support me and my music, just write me an email

Mail Postage

1  lyric book: 11 DKR 
2-4  lyric books: 22 DKR
5-9  lyric books: 44 DKR

1-2 lyric books: 33 DKR
3-4 lyric books: 66 DKR
5-9 lyric books: 99 DKR.


Gifting music for someone's birthday, Christmas, or another occation is wonderful!

Specify in the order if the music is a gift. Write the email address/address of the receiver and the date of the gift, if you wish for me to send it to them.

If you wish to keep the files + transfer/gift the music download to someone too, please explain to me in the order and remember to write e.g. 2 x download. You will have to buy the audio download twice because of the copyright law.

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Thanks to those, who have helped with the lyric book and the recording of the album:

Photo of me smelling flowers: Demetrius Freeman
Drawing of bear lady: Nina Hjort
Bass recording: Lasse Jørgensen + Romulo Duarte 
Guitalele og indspilning/miksing: Morten Saaugaard
Kor: Anne-Louise Bøttger Rasmussen
Violin: Jesenka Balic Zunic
Hjælp til fotografi: Sofie Boysen + Frida Ohms Vad 
Print: KLS Pureprint
Masterering: David Elberling
Støtte til lyrikbogen, release-koncerten og udgivelsen: En gruppe skønne mennesker, der gav støtte til støtte-koncerten  + Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen + KODA

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